How To Pick Your Next Music Director

82304-050-242D7462 19th Century “eye-candy”

From a recent online review of a candidate’s orchestra concert/audition-

“From his physical presence to his conducting style to the little flourish he makes with his bows, (he) personifies elegance. (My friend) advised me to mention the “eye-candy” factor. Yes, he’s got film-star good looks and stage presence.”

Don’t be surprised to see in the near future: To apply for this vacancy, you must have the following: A photo of your beautiful self that says “eye-candy!”- foreign sounding name helpful.

That’s about it: CV, press reviews, recommendations, references, CDs, years of experience all are optional.

Are we coming to that? A beauty contest for conductors? And you wonder why Orchestras in this country are struggling. Maybe conductors should start tossing little hankies like Liszt did.


The cellist János Starker has diedános-starker-has-died

János Starker, the Hungarian-born Jewish-American cellist has died; he was 88. Starker started playing the cello aged only five and gave his first public performances a year later. He studied at the Franz Liszt Music Academy in Budapest where his cello teacher was Adolf Schiffer; he was also greatly influenced by the composer and faculty member Leo Weiner. He made his professional debut aged 14 when he stepped in, on three hours’ notice, and played the Dvořák Cello Concerto.

One of the great musicians of our time.

delosde3341April 28, 2013