How To Pick Your Next Music Director

82304-050-242D7462 19th Century “eye-candy”

From a recent online review of a candidate’s orchestra concert/audition-

“From his physical presence to his conducting style to the little flourish he makes with his bows, (he) personifies elegance. (My friend) advised me to mention the “eye-candy” factor. Yes, he’s got film-star good looks and stage presence.”

Don’t be surprised to see in the near future: To apply for this vacancy, you must have the following: A photo of your beautiful self that says “eye-candy!”- foreign sounding name helpful.

That’s about it: CV, press reviews, recommendations, references, CDs, years of experience all are optional.

Are we coming to that? A beauty contest for conductors? And you wonder why Orchestras in this country are struggling. Maybe conductors should start tossing little hankies like Liszt did.



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