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The Language of Music Revealed:
A Real Easy Way for ANYONE to Learn to Read and Write Music  

 music of language revealed

“Barry Kolman describes his useful, well-written book as: ‘a real easy way for anyone to learn to read and write music.’….this book is a good text that makes the subject anything but dry. Kolman’s inventive writing keeps the material interesting. I find this book to be useful for adult beginners and suggest that music teachers keep it on hand. Even advanced students sometimes need a few pointers and exercises on music theory.”-Maria Nockin

This article originally appeared in Issue 37:4 (Mar/Apr 2014) of Fanfare Magazine

A good introduction to music fundamentals, January 25, 2013
Elliott M McKinley (via website)

Seneca Falls, NY United States

In this book, Kolman’s approach to music fundamentals is straight-forward, yet he manages to inject humor and lightness in an otherwise fairly dry subject. And here is what I think is key (no pun intended): it is the approach. There is a plethora of fundamentals books and methods available and almost all of them follow the same patterns. While not bad in and of itself, this traditional approach leaves something to be desired in maintaining interest for those who are genuinely curious but not prepared for the rigor and dryness of the subject. Koman succeeds reworking the traditional approach with a well written and clear method, peppered with humor and amusing asides. I feel that this book could very easily be used by the music lover who wishes to be musically literate, or adopted any music fundamentals course for music majors (as review), or, especially, the the non-music major at any college or university.
5.0 out of 5 stars 

Highly recommended for beginners, January 16, 2013
omusyk Terry A. Oxley (via website)
Professor emeritus
Bloomsburg University

This book presents a well-organized approach to understanding and applying basic music theory. It is thorough without becoming too weighty for beginners and reads in a light, humorous manner. The material is presented by a “Guide,” who leads the discussion and provides guidance in every aspect of the lessons. Assignments and correct answers are provided throughout the book.

While some basic part writing and cadences are addressed, it is impossible to be thorough in the more advanced topics in one slim volume. The real strength of this text is the explanation of the basic fundamentals of music reading, making it possible for a teen or an adult beginner to prepare themselves to read music or take more advanced music theory courses.
5.0 out of 5 stars 

W&L’s Kolman Publishes Book on How to Read, Write Music, September 27, 2012
Sarah Tschiggfrie  

One of the challenges that has always faced Barry Kolman, professor of music at Washington and Lee University, is teaching the fundamentals of music theory to students who know nothing about music and often find it a very dry subject. >Read more.


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