Mano Lesson 2

Continued from: A Lesson Plan for Children with Autism

Much to my delight, Mano remembered many of what I taught her in the previous lesson. And what she forgot was very usual with typical beginners. She stills exhibits extreme motivation to play and was very excited about learning to play the first few notes that were illustrated in the opening two pages of her school lesson book.

In spite of some language differences, we were able to communicate in a mixture of Portuguese and English. Mano tried very hard to express herself in English and at times showed extreme frustration when she couldn’t find the exact words. I found demonstrating what she was trying to say worked the best.

Certain activities will be repeated in each lesson; putting the clarinet together, taking it apart, care of the instrument and its parts (reed, mouthpiece). Amazingly, for her age, she was able to produce the first notes from open G down to middle C; a terrific accomplishment for any beginner.

As there are certain repetitive rituals in playing the clarinet, I am hoping that Mano will begin to remember them and in which order they belong like a putting together a puzzle.

I am most interested also at the rate she will be learning; will it be of that of a 12-13 year old?

She still holds her ears at any loud sounds like the omnipresent “squeak” that all beginners make. As this is such a common sound, I hope Mano will eventually not let this bother her.

Mano shows more determination than most which in turn increases my enthusiasm and thinking strategies. Her focused intensity is an inspiration to the instructor.

Mano Lesson 3


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