Press Reviews

“Kolman was adept at coaxing notes from the orchestra members, squeezing them out, directing them with animated hand gestures.  The violin section, in particular, sounded stronger than in the past as it performed the intricate movements of each piece.”

Northwest Arkansas TIMES 17 March 1999 

“It (the Psycho Suite) developed into an insidious crescendo of anguished, produced by a conducting technique which brought out the sonorous quality of the strings.  Energized by Barry Kolman, conductor of the Shenandoah Symphony of Virginia, the Orchestra Royal de Chambre de Wallonie traveled through these fallow lands with an invigorating commitment.”

Le Soir (Brussels, Belgium) 17 January 1999 

“The skillfully and attractively composed symphony (Symphony 1 by Corigliano), with the evocative and expressive interpretation by Barry Kolman, was enjoyed by the audience.”

Tadeusz Szantruczek, The Poznam Gazette, (Poznan, Poland) 2 May 1995

“The Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra was led by Barry Kolman, an American conductor, who is extensively educated and has broad experience.”

Andrzej Chylewski, The Wielopolska Voice, (Poznan Poland) 2 May 1995 

“Dr. Kolman’s interpretation showed us that Symphony No. 3 of Anton Rubinstein, with its masterful instrumentation, is indeed alive and beautiful.  Thanks to his efforts, this work can now take its rightful place alongside the great symphonies of Glinka and Tchaikovsky.”

Michail Gregoryev, The Neva Times, (St. Petersburg, Russia) 24 November 1994 

“From even the first few notes, a feeling of amazement swept over the audience which became more intensified with every selection.  The consensus of the audience was that wonderful music was being performed and conducted with great professional skill.”

T. Abbasov, Workers of Baku, Baku, Azerbaijan) 3 June 1993 

“Director Kolman’s interpretation of the Webern was outstanding and expressive. The ’Passacaglia’ was especially well played under his leadership.”

Roman Skrepek, Kosiceky Vecer, (Kosice, Slovak Republic) 6 December 1993

“With extraordinary vigor, spirited temperament, absolute exactness of instructions, and conviction of interpretation, Barry Kolman persistently demanded from the orchestra the same precision which successfully resulted in magnificent and colorful sound.  The orchestra not only played on a high professional level but also attained new heights of musical artistry.  Barry Kolman conducted the works with outstanding taste and great feeling.  There was not a single note of exaggeration nor deviation from the design of the composer.  With his immense enthusiasm and energy, Kolman allowed his musicians to express their own musical creativity.”

E. Dobrikin, Pravda, (Kherson, Ukraine) 27 November 1992 

“As the experts attest, Barry Kolman has managed to achieve the impossible.  Only four rehearsals were needed to make the orchestra sound so perfect.  This is convincing proof of his brilliant talent.”

Alexi Alexandorv, Novy den, (Kherson, Ukraine) 27 November 1992

“Kolman’s zeal and the dedication of his players has paid off handsomely.”

 Dr. Patrick Riley, The Pioneer, (Bemidji, Minnesota) 5 November 1986 

“Barry Kolman conducts the Muhlenbrg Theatre Festival Orchestra brilliantly. You may never hear a score so beautifully and majestically performed.”

Raldo L. Mattioli, The Express, (Allentown, Pennsylvania) June 1981


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