My take on A Late Quartet … No passion, no reason to play


In STEPHEN HOLDENs New York Sunday Times (Nov 4, 2012) music review of the film, A Late Quartet, he states the credo of any musician worth being called a true musician:  The film “has an important point to make about classical music. For the musicians who play it, especially intimate chamber works in which the group members have to think, feel and breath as one, their instruments are vehicles for conveying strong emotion. Without passion, a performance, no matter how impeccable, is just a technical feat.”

Whether it is chamber music or a Mahler symphony, if there is no passion, no commitment, no personal understanding, no love, then there is no reason to be playing.

Full Stream Ahead: Can Naxos Download the Future?

On October 2, 2012, NaxosImage released its first high-definition (24-bit/96 kHz) audio download. While upgrading sound quality from CD is a step forward, the decision to release new orchestrations solely for digital download says writer Jason Victor Serinus in his lastest article for The San Francisco Classical Voice in which he covers the “download, streaming digital future” of the 25 year old Naxos label. This one statement (included in the article) by Naxos founder Klaus says it all:  “I think in the long run, streaming will be the way people consume music — classical music and other music…in five years, 50% of our business will be in all kinds of streaming.”  With the launch of Naxos, Heymann that took the classical recording business by storm 25 years ago. I had the great pleasure to work for Klaus Heymann; he is one smart, shrewd business man. Let’s just say that he “knows of what he says.”

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