Muscial America Special Report: Use of new media and technology is transforming and expanding audiences

In Musical America Special Report for 2012, much is discussed about the year in review. What is most fascinating are the predictions from some of the big names on music; a symphony and opera CEO, a music critic, a Dean of one our most prestigious music conservatory, a record executive, a fund-raiser, and a musician. There seems to be a common theme no matter who you talk to:  the use of social media, reinventing the concert space, the use of untapped technology.

All these ingenious techniques are there to reach a larger and diversified audience; inclusion is the magic word as was so evident in the recent New Philharmonic’s Philharmonic 360 concert at the Park Avenue Armory; a surround sound experience that draws the audience into a special sensory experience.  We are only limited by our lack of imagination. Fortunately, many Orchestras are embracing the 21st Century performance experience. The use of technology is not a gimmick; it is 21st Century reality.

In this special report, there is an article by Albert Imperato &Jessica Lustig, Founding Partners, 21C Media Group. They predict that the future will bring “new online audience experiences.” They believe that “the growing role of digital technology and the online experience are already having a transformative impact. Webcasting of concerts is an encouraging trend, especially of such big events as the

Philharmonic 360 concert at the Park Avenue Armory in June. There is a massive online audience; in 18 months, 76,000 people all over the world watched a master class by a London

Symphony Orchestra contrabassoonist! We have better tools than ever for finding people interested in what we do, and for delivering the highest quality work to them.”

“Delivering the highest quality work”–to all those who have “technophobia,”we can still deliver a product of immense quality but now we can deliver it to more people. And isn’t that idea of performing, to reach the greatest number of people in an environment in which they feel comfortable and welcome. There is room for everyone around the table. Let’s keep the door open to all and let us continue to find more ways to bring even more people to our table. There will always be room. Additionally, let’s keep our ears open and listen to those who come. Listeners have some fantastic ideas as well.


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