The Conductor With an Ear for Peace

A great article by Harvey Sachs for the New York Times commemorating what would have been Georg Solti’s 100th Birthday (please be sure to go to his website – so beautiful!). An amazing career with a strong passion for bringing musicians from around the world to perform together.  A Chicago institution, the Jewish-born Hungarian maestro mused out loud that if musicians from all walks of life can perform together (as they did often under his baton), then why couldn’t world diplomats and their respective countries live in harmony as well?

There is something in the human spirit that binds us together, whether we know it or not;  it’s our love for all that is beautiful! It is an enigma as why humanity can go to that shadow side of life, to a bizarre and ugly universe, and do such terrible things to each other.  Long-live Sir Georg Solti!


Morality and Music

A June 18 concert scheduled at Tel Aviv University featuring selections from Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen, to be led by Israeli conductor Asher Fisch, was called off after angry protests erupted. The University claimed to have not been fully informed about the program and its presenter organization, the Israel Wagner Society.

Give me a break! Wagner at a Tel Aviv University?

English: Leigh Engineering Faculty Boulevard, ...

English: Leigh Engineering Faculty Boulevard, Tel Aviv University Photographed by Ido Perelmutter (Ido50). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t we conductors think about our audience when we plan our repertoire? A little sensitivity here in a world full of violent insensitivity is a no-brainer and is called for. Of all the composers to be chosen to perform, Wagner was chosen? Art must triumph over all! Who knows the real story, but with factions of the world in religious turmoil, can’t music be an oasis, albeit a temporary one?



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