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One thought on “Contact

  1. Hello to the Kolman Family! I recently saw an article from CNN about certain difficulties Emmanuela has been having. =] I praise you guys for your support! Truth is, I also had a disability labeled as “Aspergers Syndrome.” And I managed to snap out of my antisocial mode and become even more outgoing than most people. Please pass the following message on to Mano. =)

    As “autistic” as people may call you… it truly is more than just a gift. Most people see it as a curse… I thought so too for the longest time. But one day… I learned several things about my disability… its NOT a disability… NOT IN THE LEAST. As a matter of fact… its more of an efficiency! We have the faster thinking, more logical brain that can process thought quicker and more proficient than the normal human brain. We only tend to become shutdown based on this fact through tunnel vision. We take things TOO literally.

    Sure… kids may tease you. But have you noticed that they may also tease their close friends? Its because their only joking around with eachother. In the beginning, they probably wanted to include you in their circle of jokes… but based on certain reactions, they probably found you vulnerable, and decided to become more evilly intented than most. Highschool is like that, sorry to say. BUT DON’T LOSE HOPE!

    This is an example of something I thought was mean and cruel… when it was really just kids trying to get me involved. The situation was like this: They’d raise their hand to seemingly try to “highfive” a friend. When the friend tried to highfive them… the one who started it would instantly lower their hand and say, “Whose ugly?” Considering the other kid was raising his hand, it looked like he was saying “I AM!” because his hand was raised. =] Considering they were only a joking around, they laughed about it. But I had the tunnel vision at that time… so when they tried to include me, I thought they were really trying to hurt my feelings when they were only trying to make me crack a smile.

    Now the next time someone calls you “stupid” or something along the lines of that… BRAG ABOUT IT! Play it off! Make it funny! Act like you really are but be a genius at it! Say something along the lines of “Aren’t most “stupid” people so unaware of certain things that they just think that life is happy anyway? They could have an arm fall off and be bleeding to death and still be the happiest person on the planet… so yea! I’m glad I’m stupid, you should probably try it!” May take awhile, some kids may take a day to get it, others may take a week. But constantly try it! You WILL gain respect from at least SOMEONE. (Considering the line I used… I DO NOT want you to use it just yet. I’m sure you can be more creative than that *wink*)

    Truth is, if people still don’t see the light in you, then forget them. You are who you are. If people don’t like that, then tell them to buzz off. Its ok to get aggressive once in awhile. Just don’t hurt anyone =P.

    “You can’t change others… you can only change yourself.”
    If someone really is being a jerk, tell them. Its THEIR choice on what to do with the information you give them. If they don’t change, then leave them alone and tell them to walk away.

    Fun Fact: Most of the GREATEST LEADERS in HISTORY were autistic in some way… Albert Einstein, the smartest mathematical man that has ever lived, had “Asperger’s.” If you are to open up, spread your wings, and become more aware… I will have no doubt, that you have gained the spark to something truly remarkable for this entire planet.

    ;D I’m also a comedian in the works… I like to portray my “disability” as a slight “insanity.” A quote I have come up with… which has probably already been made without me even being aware of it.. is this. “Creativity only comes with the right amount of Insanity.” I’m a fan of ANY kind of humor. From cruel racism to happy randomness to even dry humor. As long as I can crack a smile from someone, then I’m happy. I live to entertain, and considering your learning music, you should know this. I even have black friends, and I crack racist jokes on them all the time, guess what? THEY LOVE ME FOR IT! =P. Took awhile to get them to realize that I mean no harm with my jokes… so make sure you develop that connection with people before you start anything like that. Saying stuff right away may end up getting people with hard feelings.

    Moral of the story, be open. The more open you are, the more you will love life.

    I’ve become so open to the point of loving almost EVERY SINGLE KIND OF MUSIC! Before, my only preference was hard rock… but now I’m listening to classical, melodies, christian prayer… then even satanic rock, screamo, funky rap. I love it all! Only music I don’t like is the creepy victorian music you find in horror movies…

    =] I hope you guys take what I have said into consideration. If you wish to talk more, chat me up on Facebook!

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