The Language of Music Revealed: Reviewed By Public Schools Music Educators.

Barry Araújo Kolman, author

“GOOD JOB, Barry! I didn’t have time to read every word on every page, but going through the Table of Contents, Introduction and Chapter 1 Toolbox, it is obvious that this is a textbook that has been long awaited for the music lovers who want to take the first step towards becoming perceptive music consumers. The cool icons and straight-forward language (you grew up in Brooklyn, right?) help connect the abstract terminology and concepts with familiar ideas. I will lend the book to our high school AP Music Theory teacher and then to the 3 middle school music teachers (the choral and two instrumental teachers all teach General Music).

~joseph rutkowski, Instrumental Director at John L. Miller Great Neck North HS since 1991″

“I like the book a lot – it is a concise, yet comprehensive explanation of everything the average person could want to know about music theory. User friendly – A great resource!

~Dr. Janine Robinson, Choral Director/AP Music Theory Instructor at the John L. Miller Great Neck North HS since 2012, Choral Director/General Music Instructor at the JF Kennedy Elementary School in Great Neck since 1995″


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