An Extraordinary Friend, A Great Loss For Our Family


Dear Sasha,

You came into my life when my life was in shambles. Before I adopted you, you were abandoned, unwanted. Even at the SPCA, none of the children even noticed you. But when the assistant handed me the leash with you bouncing on the other end, sniffing and wagging your tail, I knew we would be pals. You weren’t “cute” enough to be adopted; too old, too scraggly, too smelly. But I knew there was something special about you. After I cleaned you up, you were a beautiful Lab,  full of pep and always ready for that endless game of retrieve the ball. Rain or shine or snow; anything round was yours to retrieve.

I can’t list all what you did for me, Grace, and the children.. For the times you guarded us from other dogs. For the time you fought heroically when attacked by that dog at the kennel. You were always a people dog

Sasha, you brought serenity to our lives. You were probably the only American dog who visited Brazil. You were a great travelling companion. Those at the Miami Airport fawned over you but you especially charmed four very special children. Your warmth, your love, brought six people together; you welcomed all of them to their new home in the United States. And from that moment on, we were seven inseparables.

You had a cunning sense of humor; you would behave and remain in your “area” when I was home but had the run of the house (and the furniture) when I wasn’t. You were a charmer.

You gave unconditionally and only asked in return a pat on the head, a nice belly rub, and of course, a nine hour game of fetch.

You and all of us knew you were getting sick. As much we hoped and prayed and fed you by hand, we knew you were tired of fighting the disease. It was so hard for all of us to see lose so much weight, to see you in so much pain. But as always, you never complained. We just knew it was time.

You will always have a special place in our hearts; we will always love you. You are in a better place now, free of pain, running to fetch that yellow tennis ball. Now G-d will be your protector as you were our protector for almost a decade. Sasha, you brought so much love and joy to my life and to the lives of my family. Rest Sasha rest. Good girl.


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