Music is NOT a luxury; it is a NECESSITY!

ImageThe future looks bleak for several orchestras across the U.S.  Some of the best Orchestra around are on the verge of extinction.

Players from the Atlanta Symphony OrchestraIndianapolis Symphony OrchestraMinnesota Orchestra, and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra are all being asked to make do with less. If contractual agreements are not reached soon, there may be empty stages across America.

We are talking about people here; musicians who have spent most of their lives in a small 8 by 8 room practicing for hours so they could be the best, and this is what we offer them.

Music is NOT a luxury; it is a NECESSITY for ourselves, our children, our country and our culture.

Our nation’s orchestras are ranked as the world’s best!

What do you think these men and women will do with “less”?

How will they feed their families, pay the mortgage, clothe their kids?

Shame on all of us for what we have done!


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